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This website "ASSISI MISSION" has been created to show some of the activities taking place in Assisi in the mountains of Umbria in the middle of Italy and occasionally in other countries. Father Max Mizzi OFM Conv. has contributed to the website with articles, writings, prayers and photos.

First of all it is my wish and hope that the website will inspire people to come on a pilgrimage to the holy town of St. Francis and St. Clare, whether this pilgrimage takes place through some of the activities mentioned in this website, or in other ways. My main commitment is that of The Spirit of Assisi is spread to more people on the earth, so that in their hearts they are nourished by the vibrations of peace, joy, compassion, love and brother-/sisterhood of the human family, of which St. Francis and St. Clare were deeply instrumental in the Middle Ages, and which also today emanate from Assisi. Thanks to the Kingdom of God "The Spirit of Assisi" and Assisi's many peace-making activities are strongly intensified in our time. Within wide circles of all traditions and religions the holy town has today become a special centre for world peace based on dialogue and on the understanding of the unity of the human family as brothers and sisters - also the unity with the whole of Creation - which spreads out as ripples in the water from Assisi to be manifested all over the world some day.

At the same time I wish to thank all the people round the world, not least in Scandinavia, who in numerous ways support God's work in Assisi. I hope you enjoy reading the website.

With St. Francis' Greeting: Peace and All Good

Bente Wolf

 Frans grav pinsen 2007-2
St. Francis' tomb in the Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi

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