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Other activities in assisi

Ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue

Until his death in March 2008 Father Mizzi participated in a number of international meetings, congresses and inter-religious celebrations in Assisi and Italy, and he was usually a member of the panel of speakers and co-promoter of the project. Bente Wolf assisted Father Mizzi in this mission in the years 2001 to 2008. The most important of these activities are described in the newsletter "ASSISI-NYT" (Assisi News) from 2004 to 2008. The newsletters also contain various descriptions and stories from Father Mizzi's pioneer mission since its start in 1960 (look under "Newsletters").

Bente Wolf still gives support to the Sacro Convento and the CEFID (the International Franciscan Center for Dialogue) as regards the endeavours of the Order to promote the unity of the human family through ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue.

Groups of pilgrims

In addition to this, Bente Wolf meets many other groups in Assisi as well as those on the courses and retreats (see under "Courses and retreats").

The groups come from many countries all over the world and from various religions and traditions with the common wish to focus on Assisi, Francis and Clare.

The meetings with these groups take place at the Sacro Convento (the mother house of the Franciscan Order at the tomb of St. Francis), at the CEFID, or in the convents where the groups are staying.

The contents of such meetings with groups include:

  • Meditations and prayers surrendering to "the Spirit of Assisi"

  • Lectures on subjects such as spirituality, Francis, Clare, the Franciscan Order, Assisi's mission, the ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue mission, the Catholic Church, Christian mysticism, surrender to God through prayer and meditation, peace, etc.

To a smaller extent and when time permits, Bente Wolf also helps individual pilgrims, who are members of ASSISI MISSION, and groups in Assisi with booking of accommodation, introductory meeting with practical information on Assisi, etc.

Contact Bente Wolf, if you would like to hear about these possibilities for meetings with groups and other assistance.

Further activities in other countries

From 1967 to 2008 Father Mizzi travelled extensively to ecumenical and inter-religious meetings and conferences in many countries and in all continents, including India, Japan, Nepal, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, North- and South America, Russia and almost all countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

In the years 2004 to 2007 Father Mizzi and Bente Wolf were guests in Denmark and Norway giving spiritual retreats with masses, meditations, healings and lectures on Assisi, Francis, Clare, the Franciscan Order, the ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue mission, Assisi's mission, surrender to Christ and Mary, Christian mysticism, etc. They also visited churches with Father Mizzi's lectures and ecumenical prayers.

Also independently, Bente Wolf travelled to Denmark and Norway to give courses, and this activity is still offered.

Contact Bente Wolf, if you are interested in the possibility of organizing a similar event.

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